Lacrimosa of Dana

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When Adol Christin boards the passenger liner Lombardia for an easy voyage across the Gaete Sea, he has no idea this journey will land him shipwrecked on the mysterious Seiren Island, home of an ancient curse that has plagued these waters for millennia. Nor can he possibly imagine that this act of fate will throw him into a battle against primordial powers, set out to destroy the entire human race. Joined by Dana, a powerful young woman from another era, as well as by a handful of the Lombardia survivors, Adol must save his species from extinction, or perish along with everyone he knows. But even if he wins, there is no guarantee that he can ever attain the ultimate prize—a future with Dana.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, a bestselling game by Nihon Falcom Co., is part of the award-winning Ys series, featuring Adol Christin, a legendary swordsman and adventurer. This novel follows the story and characters of the game and is officially licensed through an agreement between Dragonwell Publishing, Dragonwell, LLC, and Nihon Falcom Corporation.

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