Review Quotations for The Princess of Dhagabad


"This is an excellent book by a very promising new writer, with a lot of originality, an exciting story, a well realized background, and vivid writing."

   —Poul Anderson

"Behind its glittering Arabian Nights façade, The Princess of Dhagabad is an intelligent, even philosophical, first novel that marks the author as someone to watch."

    —Harry Turtledove

"The novel's lyrical language; authentic conjuring of the sights, scents, and trappings of Arabian lore and culture; and engaging characterizations add up to one truly compelling coming-of-age fantasy."

   —Sally Estes, Booklist

  "…a fine recasting of Arabian Nights material into a fable for our times."

  Faren Miller, Locus

 "…hauntingly vivid."

  —Jaymee Cuti, Pasadena Weekly

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